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Feedback please

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Why is a call after I bet and then one player behind raise and another player limp behind considered a questionable call?


  • highfive

    Your original open limp was marked questionable not your limp call.
    Maybe 2 reasons:
    Never open limp.
    Or the analyzer doesn't think you should play QTs from that position.

  • monkeysystem

    If you open limp in EP with hands like QTs, you'll see aggression behind you and have to fold or call OOP. It's a leak that's fortunately easy to patch.

  • davedillman

    Thanks guys, that makes sense. Ok, another leak addressed, and now to fix it.

  • 1warlock

    I'm going to agree with my other APT players here and suggest not to open limp pretty much ever (unless in the SB and playing a mixed strategy). As to whether to open this hand from EP, that depends on how aggressive your table is and whether you are comfortable playing post flop OOP against them. Opening Q10s from that position means you are opening somewhere around 15% of hands. That's a really really loose range for full-ring and I'd think would require you to have a good game plan for what hands you will call, fold or 4-bet if faced with a raise.

    As the hand played out, I think folding was your only play. When a TAG player squeezes from the SB, that's usually a lot of strength. If another TAG flats from the BB, I'm positive I'm crushed. Making matters worse is I have yet one more player left to act even if I do call and he's getting a great price so probably will be calling. I don't want to be in a big pot OOP with a hand I'm likely going to have to fold on the flop unless I smash it.

  • duker12d

    10-Q always looks strong especially suited. But look at it after a raise and reraise and it looks weak from your position.
    Your only hope is flopping a str8 or flush and you know how often that happens. I've learned the hard way that Q-10 is not that great a hand!

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