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What advice will the pros give ?


Right now, I'm going thru a spell of "card - dead" . When Q,8 suited starts looking like AA, what do they do? When your 5000 starting chips dwindle to less than 3000, the blinds are 100/200 and antes are 50, you're in 80th place out of 95 left, when do you make a stand? Do they just shrug it off and say ",It's poker" ? or do they do something dramatic?


  • rainmaker314

    No pro, this helped me. Look for the float the turn push shove app in the app store on your phone it is free. Set it to 15 big blinds and start doing the quizzes. You can also get good shove range sheets from upswing poker, MTT poker, Red Chip poker websites for free. Take a good look at them and start shoving when you are +EV. Also look at your starting ranges again and take shots before you get in that position.

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