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Any better way to play this hand?


  • monkeysystem

    In a multiway pot on that flop, I would usually stay away from slowplays. Also, I would try to deny good drawing odds to a flush draw. That means keep the drawing odds down to under 4:1. Bet top set for value. It's doubtful it would have made a difference in this particular hand because she liked her hand enough to keep reraising, , but in most other hands it would.

  • highfive

    Bet for value. Charge draws and two pair type hands. I bet when i have it so it helps legitmize my cbet buffs.
    Not sure what the check min-raise accomplishes. Check raise big to get value and to play your check raise bluffs the same as value bets. She's folding air bluffs anyway. She could have sets here and you might win less in that case once the spade comes on the turn.
    You got the money in good anyway. That's the goal. Bad result.

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