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Automatic Call?


1/2 NL cash game at the local casino. Very loose crowd around the table. I'm in the SB with AdKd on my first good hand. Haven't seen a flop yet. The EP players fold, a player in MP raises to $7. The player immediately to my right (the button), a very loose aggressive player who has raised 10BB+ several times since I've been seating there (sometimes into unopened pots...) calls. I raise to $32. The BB, a quiet player with a stack of about $140 calls, so do the first raiser and the button. The pot is $128. The flop comes Kc3c7d, giving me TPTK. I bet $60. The BB goes all in for his remaining $104 while the other two players fold. I call. Both the turn and the river cards do not improve my hands and he turns over AA, wining the pot. Was this an automatic call? Thanks for your inputs


  • 1warlock

    Auto call indeed. $44 more to you with a pot of $292? If you were bluffing and only had 1 card and a cocktail napkin, you call that. Rough beat though.

  • dhirigoyd

    Thank you!

  • highfive

    Agreed. You are calling against his range not his hand. He could have AK or KQ. With his stack and this pot, he should ship any K or flush draw.
    Note: OOP against lag player. Consider raising more. $38 to 40 maybe?
    Played properly. Bad result. Reload. You are in position on a loose player. Good spot.

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