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Starting Hand Range Book Suggestions?


Hello all. I just started studying poker a couple of weeks ago. I'm on disability for autism, so I've got a ton of free time and I can get pretty obsessed. I've been studying 12-15 hours a day so far. So my plan is to come up with a good set of starting hand ranges for microstakes cash games (open-raise, 3-bet, open-limp, etc). Once I've got those fairly well memorized, then I'll make a detailed study of each type of hand and how it should be played, essentially coming up with a "playbook." I don't know if this is how most people study poker, but I think it will work for me.

Here's the question. Ideally, I'd like to create my own ranges, but I can't seem to find a book that teaches you how to do that. I think I would understand and remember it better if I were to go through each hand and situation, but it may be more complex that I'm ready for unless I can find a good book that explains it all.

If there's not a book you could recommend, then how do I figure out what all these ranges should be? Is there a good book that has some default ranges that I could start with then adjust as I learn?

So, in summary, can you recommend a book on how to create starting hand ranges, and if not, a book or site that has good default ranges to use? I've looked all over the place, but I either can't find what I'm looking for, or I don't know which sites to trust. Thanks for any advice, it's much appreciated.


  • 1warlock

    Hey there - sounds like an ambitious plan and I wish you luck with it. Range construction and development is both complex and simple at the same time. Basic ranges by position are pretty easy to find - they have some charts here to begin with. However, the ranges you will find practical to use for 1 game, say full-ring micro-stakes, will not be the same as what you would use for higher limits. You will probably have a more linear range in micro vs needing a more balanced range at higher stakes.

    Anyway, one great way to look at ranges and to play with them through different scenarios is through Equilab. Its free, has several default ranges built in and allows you to train hand vs range and range vs range across flops, turns and rivers. It also has an equity trainer you can use to see how equity of certain hands develop as boards play out. You can also easily construct your own ranges and see how they perform by position.

    Please take a look and see if this is helpful. I know it isn't a book but hopefully its helpful. I don't know if SplitSuit's site has charts or not but he's pretty much the man for lower stakes so I'd check there as well. LMK if we're on the right track and I'll be happy to continue helping you find whatever resources you need.

    Best and GL

  • rainmaker314

    Equilab is a good suggestion. If you are looking for a book, Jonathan Little's Mastering Small Stakes No Limit Hold Em has what you are looking for. If you take a look at Split Suit's Red Chip Poker Site, He just launched the CORE program, It is 5 bucks a week. I started it and have done 2 lessons so far, it is going to be very helpful with my game and I believe it would help you and everyone else. Also don't forget to use everything that is right here at APT.

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