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i am attempting to slow my there a sequence of questions i should ask myself af da flop


My game can be so knee jerk .....true iam yet a fish.But my question is is there a sequence of questions I should routinely consider aft flop //turn///river.I observe others in card room ,home games talk aloud .don't agree with the chatter..but am I missing something that may help me slow my game,n b more profitable.


  • nowaktj1n

    I guess you need to address what problems you are running into. What do you mean knee jerk? What specific situations are you talking about?

  • whiskeyriverw

    I'm studying the book Postflop Vol. 1 & 2 right now. There's a list of about 30 questions in it that you should consider after the flop. Not all of them apply to every situation so it's not as scarry as it sounds. I don't know if it's ethical to post them here (I've got them copied in notes). It's a good book though, seems to be worth the $18.

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