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Reset Statistics



In the day leading up to my decision to buy the software, I played multiple games to show my wife the program and let her play a game (Something I won't be doing now that I have a subscription). Is there anyway to reset my statistics from yesterday so I can start my subscription with a clean slate that truly indicates my progress? Thank you.


  • ludigrayl

    @AllenBlay said:
    Thanks for asking. Your statistics, reports, and training plans are all calculated based on all the hands in your database. So, to erase the statistics, or to keep certain sessions where you were practicing something from influencing your training plan, the easist way is to delete the sessions.

    To do this, go to your Reports & History tab. Click the box for "My Saved Sessions". There, you will see all your sessions listed (if you have a bunch it may be several pages). Select the sessions you want to delete, or click the "Select All" button. Then, at the bottom of the page click the "Delete Selections" red button. Confirm you actually want to do this and the sessions will be gone and will no longer be included in your stats, reports, or training plans.

    Enjoy the site!

    Sorry guys, found this on an old forum I couldn't find earlier. Thanks AllenBlay

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