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Has anyone ever encounyered this task in theire weekly tranning tasks?


You were not winning as much as you should be from Early Position (UTG,UTG+1), when we compared your win rate with the win rates of other APT users.

Description:Only premium hands can be played from Early Position. Most drawing hands cannot be played, because often a raise will happen after you, leaving you with the unenviable choice between abandoning your initial bet, or paying even more to play out of position.

Cost:$1.00 per hour in a $2/$5 No-Limit game

Recommendation:Play 100 hands from the UTG position. As a general rule, enter for a raise with premium hands, discard all others.

What do you think about it?? Please elaboorate because it seems like its worthless doing it.


  • AllenBlay

    If you aren't doing as well as other people from a certain position, the best response to that is to practice it. That's the whole point of APT - identify your weaknesses and then get better at them through repetition. Doyle Brunson always said the way to become better at poker is to play a lot of hands because you start to recognize patterns and see what wins and what doesn't. By playing a lot of hands in the areas where you are weak, you become a better player.

    Just curious - why do you think this is worthless to practice an area where you aren't as good as other players?

  • 1warlock
    edited February 2018

    I'm going to agree with Allen here. If the system was having issues with your "poker IQ" from a certain position, then I could see where someone may feel less concerned about it. If they were making up for it in other areas, that's one thing. However, if the program is talking about winrates from these positions, its kind of hard to argue with it. Something is causing you to fall below average from these positions so working on it until your numbers improve sounds reasonable to me.

    I may agree that working on something like this is time consuming, tedious and boring but I can't agree with the thought of it being worthless - unless you want it to be. Anything can be worthless if we aren't willing to take what we can from it. Think of any sport or activity and look at the drills even the pros go through. Most are so mind numbingly simple and repetitive that you wonder why they even bother. Well, they bother because they want to be as good as they can be and if they aren't willing to put in the work, someone else will. In poker, someone is winning the money at the table - just maybe its the guy who puts in the work?

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