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Your favorite Webinar/Training Course


Just a spin off from a discussion in a different thread about Alex Fitzgerald's webinar. I commented that I find it very beneficial to view webinars or training courses from Alex, and that I also like getting into the mind of Jonathan Little. Who are your favorite poker webinar/training course/video personalities?


  • 1warlock

    I agree with you 100% about getting different viewpoints from great strategic thinkers. There are so many approaches to the game from so many really bright people that's it can be overwhelming. Its part of what makes this game so challenging and enjoyable. Whether it impacts our styles directly or just helps us to understand how others approach the game, its all good to know.

    As for my preferences, I like Doug Polk (cash) and Pratyush Buddiga (MTT) for theory. For more practical aspects of the game, especially lower stakes, James Sweeney is awesome. Alec Torelli has some great concepts but I think he's paid by the hour because he takes forever to present them. Why say in 1 minute what you can stretch out to 10? This was the 1st time I've ever heard Alex and he impressed me quite a bit.

    Overall I'm happy when anyone with a pool of knowledge decides to share what they know. If they can convey that knowledge in any sort of understandable format, I'm going to make an attempt to take it in.

  • nytider

    I pretty much like the content produced by all of the names listed above. I'd add Ed Miller and David Williams, and really all of the stuff on this site, like in the Beat the Pro Challenges.

  • highfive

    Doug Polk by far. No idea if he is the best hand analyzer but analyzing and explaining it, Doug is great. I've looked at many to be clear of Doug and others.
    His strategy applies to tourneys in addition to cash. He does have 3 wsop bracelets. Augment your APT training with Doug's free vids. APT is a forerunner to the end game of poker training, software. Play. Analyze your play. Build on strengths. Plug your leaks. Rinse. Repeat. As some point, you will cross into profitable poker or improve your profitability.

  • rainmaker314

    I am now following Alex, Jonathan, and James Sweeney. Working on the mastering tournament poker by Alex. Also just started the CORE at Red Chip and have Jonathan's book sitting next to me. I also just recently read Peak Poker Performance by Dr. Tricia Cardner which lead me to Elliot Roe and Primed Mind along with Garrett James. I really like listening to all of their podcasts and I believe that I am improving everyday. I also use APT without mercy. I try to play 10 sim tourneys each day and play at least 1 live tourney on APT daily usually hit both of them. Also play J. Little's and G. James's Home games each week on stars. Won Garrett's this past Sunday but didn't have my hand history saved. Next time hopefully they will be saved and he will review the tourney and give me feed back for free. If you finish top 3 in J. Little's he gives you a credit for his material. Got 7th but haven't hit a top 3 yet! The plan is to play 2 live tourneys a month and win some money. I may also deposit at Bet Online and get back into the online but am really gearing towards the live ones.

  • rainmaker314

    Follow up on the CORE program at Red Chip Poker. I have completed the 1st part and am 3/4 of the way through the 2nd part. I highly recommend anyone looking to get better at this easy game, take a look at this program. They have priced it at 5 dollars a week, so that everyone can afford it. I have seen my results on APT get better. In the past 30 days my ROI has gone from -21 to +33. I attribute that to Alex Fitzgerald's mastering tournament poker and the CORE program. I am not affiliated with Red Chip, and get nothing for writing this. Just sharing to the community if anyone is looking for additional training. The difference between Alex's course and the CORE program to me is, Alex has you implementing 3 betting and becoming more aggressive. CORE starts from the ground level beginning with poker math and walks you through a comprehensive poker school. It is for both cash and tournaments. Good luck and I'll see you in the next tourney.

  • sleeperno1

    I have a question on the webinars. While Ive been a member for a year, Ive just gotten back into serious training in all things poker. Is there a page that has links to previous APT webinars so that I can view them? I always get the emails of upcoming events. It has only recently dawned on me to watch them.

  • monkeysystem

    I took Alex's course and have been applying it here on APT. With the bots configured to medium difficulty I've been cashing and final tabling more than my share using his method. I need to work more on it, as I haven't had success using his technique with the bot difficulty configured to hard.

    I've been listening to James Sweeny's podcasts lately during my daily commutes. It's pretty good stuff.

    I have several of J. Little's books, covering both cash games and tournaments.

    I enrolled in CORE this week.

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