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I played 4 screens and 6 screens at the same time. Advanced Poker Training | test | youtube video


I do not do it all the time, and when I do it with 4 screens, today I tested 6 screens, but I went back to 4 screens, and I can see the statistics later.

Why I do this:
Exercise for mind-set timer would be better, like a real online game, where I have some time to decide my action. But that's good!
My routine:
1st I play a screen, or two and do a review, then I play 4 screens to pass the time and a review, all this separated, I like it that way. just missing a timer, like POKERSTARS, helps the brain in the decision, I have to simulate a reality of an online table.

Sorry, my English, I signed the school, but I use translator to write.

Julio Cesar "JCSpokers
I posted a video to show my suggestion to advanced pokertraining of what I'm talking about!
After you see, I'll take the air.

6 screens| 4 screens AdvancedPoker Training:

what do you think?

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