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Qustion about the training for 6 max


Is it a good bet to pay the membership here in order for me to train the 6 max life tools here. coaches asking overpriced amounts per hour so i wonder if anyone could give me an honest answer about using advanced poker training instead. Thanks a lot.


  • kingbee

    This is a good site with value. It is helpful for me. The site provides a place to practice and directs us to helpful videos and articles that are generally directed toward fixing our leaks. All of this is good but some people need more. I am one of those people. I don't know if you are. You are the captain of your own ship and must make the final decision.

  • OsoMelosoO

    I play online 6max (real money) cash games and have a lifetime membership here. My uses of this site include setting up tables that approximate those that I play on to find leaks and work on fixing those leaks. Also, as I discover strategies elsewhere, I like to test them, work on them, and decide if they are something I might incorporate into my game. Yes, in my opinion, a membership worth it. And don't forget that there's a lot more going on here.

  • junglefeveerj
    edited April 2018

    Every trainingsite is made to make money. Are you as a player making money? If not enough you can always start a trainingsite. This is the core of most so called pro's looking for a lazy payday. I wonder how it is that with all this trainings sites out here, 95% keeps losing money online! Maybe for the only reason lack of volume and tilting! If I am a great player I make money being a great player, that is it! This said...............This is the only site what is actually makes sense to be a member as I did. Not over priced it actually teach you all what other people request way to much money for! No fucking rocket science!

  • boxjump

    Ever tried to hire a plumber? Everyone charges money for their services. Personal coaches can be a great way to jumpstart your game however, they are not for everyone. The cost for personal attention can be high. Saying that, training sites are a low cost way for you to improve your game. However, not all sites are suited for every player. I like this site because it allows me to practice what i pick up from books, coaches, or other training sites.
    The bottom line is if you can put in the work and never stop trying to get better, you will eventually become a winning player.
    Good poker players were bad players who over time have made thousands of small improvements.

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