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"Percentage of users you did better than" question


Hello, I have a question that I apologize if it's been posted elsewhere.

After playing an APT tournament there is the " Percentage of users you did better than" section.

How is this calculated - is it compared to players who played the same tourney? I've had some low percentages but no hands are tagged for review... So it doesn't give me much to improve on.

Is the percentage BB won per street compared to other users? Not grousing about my bad scores, just curious.


  • AllenBlay

    Hi, thanks for the question.

    This is just based off the pokerIQ score, and it really doesn't have a lot of meaning (it is more for fun). It is based off of the scaled skill rating compared with all other players who have played that game level. For tournaments, it should definitely be interpreted with caution because not all players get to the same tournament stage and there are many other elements of variability. I personally don't pay attention to it because I'm just not overly worried about how I compare to other players.

    I do think it is unusual that no hands are tagged for review - typically the system tends to tag too many hands instead of too few. That could just mean that you had a very bad distribution of cards and luck. Although the IQ score is designed to be adjusted for luck, in a practical sense it is not 100% adjusted because let's just say you got all-in with KK and you faced AA. In a real sense, you probably didn't make a mistake - but in a "theory of poker" sense (which is what the IQ scores are based on), it calculates as a mistake by the computer. However, it wouldn't get flagged as a questionable play, because it was the right play.

    Anyway - these are issues we deal with all the time. It's tough to get everything 100% consistent in a game with so much judgment.

  • Bren312B

    Awesome, thanks Allen! I think you guys have done an amazing job and I definitely wasn't trying to nitpick.

    Good to know that while it's an interesting number, it isn't something I should lose any sleep over. Thanks again!

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