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Hi, there are so many poker training sites and programs, it is almost overwhelming. Do you have anything like a 30 trial period so I can see if this is really the system for me right now?


  • AllenBlay

    We allow you to try out the game for free at the lower levels and you can do a couple Beat the Pro Challenges as a free member to see what those are like. We also provide you with sample training plans and reports so you can see what they look like. We don't provide free trials of the paid features that are personalized to you because they are well worth the cost (which is a lot lower than other poker training sites). We also of course guarantee satisfaction because we know the site works - many years of happy customers.

    There really are no other sites like ours - almost all other poker training is just videos and watching other people play. We are the only one that takes advantage of learning theories and allows you to get directly into the game and receive personalized training plans.

    Good luck with your training!


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