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will this site ever Add mix game options or at least PLO ?


I would pay extra to have this added to the site for sure and im sure other serious players would as well... the day this happens I will go on vibrate lol


  • AllenBlay

    I don't think we will for a couple reasons. First, we have chosen to focus on NL Holdem and we still have a bunch more things in development. But more importantly, PLO is a completely different game and it would require completely different bots. The NL Holdem bots took us years to build - seriously. Also, none of us are expert PLO players, and realistically the programmers need to be great at the game to do something like this.

  • magicjack69
    magicjack69 sounds like a cool process....will maybe ten or so years down the road you guys will launch something at this level...until then just let me dream lol

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