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is it possible to hold a poker IQ of 160 long term ?

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extremely curious .... even if you follow the advise of the coaches in the long run you still never score above a 120...more like 110 and down....

I know its possible to score 140 + in a short sample especially if you ran good as well as played well.

but when you run bad even though you made the best choices you usually score very low like 100 or down witch drops your long term ratings on the IQ

so in the long run has their been anyone maintain a IQ of 140-160 ?

I just know started hitting 120 more often but still have 80 samples in every 100 hands played

current IQ is around 103 in 100,000 hands


  • AllenBlay

    No - there is just too much variability in the IQ scores to consistently score within a range that high. You can to some degree track your improvement by seeing trends in your IQ score, but I wouldn't expect anyone to be able to consistently score that well. Keep in mind this is not a real "IQ score", since it isn't a standardized test or anything. It is more just for fun.

  • magicjack69

    that was a very helpful response man. so basically im doing well and im making some really solid improves.... the site is so good I was able to drop other coaching sites and use just this one. I use it often to keep my game on point before heading out to a live casino.

    yeah once I noticed that my IQ was not just on my play but on my luck as well I started question the idea of some one having a 140-160 all time score..that's when I started having fun and running long samples of just taking the advice of the group of coaches.....then I noticed the trend that it was scoring itself around 80-140 overall and on individual streets as high as 155....

    of course I understand the IQ is for fun and not a true IQ lol.....just a good scoring idea on playing

    I do find it intriguing that you get scored bad on your run bad.....isn't their a way to let some one know they scored good and made the best choices even during running like all hell

    the other fun thing I did in trying to score a 160 score was peaking at cards....I figured if I could get max value as well as fold better hands. Like almost all of them my score would be super high....amazing even this didn't gain me a high score...still averaged around 90-145 depending on the run luck factor. Even if I was folding tons of better hands.

    with all that said the best I've done without any help in a short run of 100 hands has been a I've seen the coaches do in a 100 hand sample was 155....and my best coaching slash peaking score was 130.

    please don't take this as a complaint...truly love the site and will be signing up for a life time membership in my near future as I see the value as a career player this tool helping me keep my game on point before I go play....the AI is amazing on how similar it simulates real players on all the levels..

    all my focus was to understand were im at on the poker IQ level...between my research and this thread I feel really good about my scores and yes like you said watch the trends for example my all time IQ is 104 but in very recent 100 hand samples I keep hitting more often more into the 110-120 range witch is very pleasing to me.....just sucks when the run bad happens and I make good choices then get scored a 70-90 lol.....but it is what it is in poker.....

    Long story short......LOVE THE SITE

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