As of November 2021, the APT Forum is closed to new posts. Like with many online forums, usage has decreased in recent years. All previous posts are still available.

Closed Discussion Threads


Great forum! I do have a suggestion for improvement, however. You are closing some of the discussion threads after only a few days or weeks. I can tell you from experience as a moderator on an online gambling forum that we never close any threads except spam. Some threads have been inactive for years and then suddenly get a useful comment, which brings the thread back to life. We've even had threads that got nasty, but only deleted the nasty comments and sent warnings via PM to the offender.


  • hnallen68

    The closed threads generally have been Welcome/introduction threads that we want to have stand as announcements more than actual threads. The intention is not to, in general be closing threads quickly. Thanks for the feedback!

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