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2017 WSOP Main Event Final Table -- Hand #126


At this point in the final table, there are 5 players remaining, and our hero Scott Blumstein has nearly as many chips as the rest of the table combined. While his opponents are all trying to outlast each other, Scott takes advantage of the situation and opens with 5-3 suited from the button.

NOTE: In all these Scott Blumstein Hand Reviews, the best learning experience is achieved by pausing the video at each decision point, and thinking through the situation BEFORE listening to Scott's comments.

If you want to try a scenario like this one for yourself, you can use the Final Table Trainer to practice 5-3 suited from the button as a big stack:

Click here to be dealt 5-3 suited from the button as a big stack at the final table

NOTE: The link above will not work right unless you are a paid member of Advanced Poker Training.


  • mbcaliguy

    Wow... Very interesting... I knew when I was watching this that he wanted it to make it look like a full out bluff... Glad he explained his reasoning, especially at the end of the video... Great interview...

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