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Server Downtime TONIGHT


Some of you may have heard on the news about a security flaw affecting practically all of the world's servers, which was recently revealed by Google's Project Zero team. Due to the severity of the security problem, swift action is required, so we are rebooting our servers tonight and installing a fix.

The reboot will happen tonight at 2AM (that's Thursday, January 18th, at 2AM Eastern Time, 7:00 UTC).

Downtime will hopefully be brief, but could last as much as 2-3 hours while we fix the problem.

Note that this security flaw, while real, is very hard to exploit in practice, and none of your data has been compromised. Additionally, your credit card information is NEVER stored on our servers.

If you're really curious (and/or really bored), a technical description of the problem from Google can be found here:

Intel's Response:


  • SteveBlay

    The security fixes have been successfully installed, and everything is back to normal...

    There may be additional updates needed in the future.

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