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Call shove or fold


  • cerberus

    A couple things with this hand. First, I am flatting the 3- bet probably more than 50% of the time. I decided to 4 bet becuause cut off's raise is wide and SB can recognize this and 3bet light from the blinds. I think a 4 bet can end the hand a good % of the time and I still have equity vs villains calling ranges.
    As played, I think I should be calling this shove. I am risking 75K to win 208K (Risk/ Risk + Reward). 75K is amount I need to call and current pot size is 133.5K. 75/208 Which equals out to 36% equity. So I need better than 36% equity vs villains range to make this call profitable. If villian's range is QQ+, AK, I have exactly 36% equity. So it doesn't matter if I call or fold because it's a breakeven play. However, if I make villians range tighter, KK-AA and AK, I have 40% equity so it's a call.
    WIth all that being said, I think it's a call because i'm not sure villian is shipping 100% with QQ and at worse my equity is even. When I reviewed the hand with several different advisors, I got the same advice. I should have flatted the 3 bet. After I 4 bet and get 5 bet shoved on, I should have folded. I dont't believe this is the correct advice. Wondering what Admins take is on this and if I'm thinking about this hand in an incorrect fashion.

  • magicjack69

    flat the raise just see if you hit a Jack or if all low cards come...if so then look to get all in....if A, K or Q hits the flop fold to agression

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