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Can anyone tell me what the odds are of 2 players being dealt 2 cards of the same suit??

Been looking on the net and can't find the answer...thanks

                                                                                       Larry B


  • pgearan

    Just to clarify is your question that we assume say our Hero is dealt two hearts, what are the odds that a single, specific player in the hand has two hearts also? So that would be relevant if you went to flop with one other player and you want the odds he has two hearts also. In that simplest case I think the odds, before seeing community cards,are 4.5% (11/50 cards times 10/49 cards).

    Or are you looking for the odds that before the cards are dealt that 2 players in a 9 handed or 10 handed table are dealt two cards of the same suit? Or if our Hero has two hearts what are the odds that anyone else at the table has two hearts?

  • lbcando76l

    The second...ypu are dealt 2 of a suit ..what are the odds another player has the same suited two cards...thanks

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