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Pair sixes over a flush

edited January 2018 in APT Questions

I just played a hand that 3 opponents had a flush and all lost to pair sixes. How does that happen? Something is wrong here.


  • pgearan

    Can you find that hand and post it to the forum (by going to My Saved Hands and hitting Post, then title it and comment if you wish)? Most of the time it ends up that there was just a misread board (e.g., no flush really there), but if there is some programming glitch in that combination of hands we'll address it.

  • AllenBlay

    Just to finish this off in case there were any questions, here is the hand that was posted about. There are three opponents who would have had a flush had they stayed in to the end. However, they folded to the all-in and hence were not in the pot at the end. Thus, the pair of sixes was the best hand at showdown.

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