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Opponent bluffing with A7o on a paired board?

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I am a little puzzled by my computer opponent's play here. I wonder if it would be profitable long term? I personally would have normally raised pre-flop with A7o when playing short handed. On the turn, I would have folded when facing a bet. And I would have folded on the river with ace high for sure. What do you think?

Also I have tried replaying the hand several times and my opponent only called a small turn bet (folded to a larger bet). I couldn't possibly get it to call my river all-in bet. It must have learned from it's mistakes :)


  • pgearan

    Yeah, I'm not sure this bot is one of the strongest ones! They are intended to play maximally well all the time (like normal players) and are varying their play a bit. From the description this bot is also is on the aggressive side. But I suspected most of the time it would have played the hand as you say in subsequent Retry hands and this was one of those. The river call may seem odd, but perhaps the calculation on how often you are bluffing on that board made it a profitable call or more likely made a human-like error in their "read."

    But I agree with you in how most solid to good players would have played the A7o hand both to preflop in-position aggression and on the river. But every once in awhile, all of us, even bots get a bit crazy!

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