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  • pgearan

    These are the kind of hands I also would have a hard time folding pre-flop for many reasons. First, just in table imagine you come out with a UTG raise, I think a good aggressive move with your stack depth in tournament play. So folding that to a re-raise although sometimes advisable when the raise is big I find tough to do even with the bottom of my range. Pretty much I am only folding that if I made a late position raise with nothing and the bet is big.

    Secondly his three-bet means you have to call 1275 into a pot of 3025, giving you just short 2.4 to 1 calling odds which is right on the borderline of what I'd consider - 3 to 1 I'm definitely calling, 2 to 1 probably folding.

    The two limiting factors are your position and mostly the Villian's stack size after he 3-bets. He only has a little over 6,000 left so your call of his 3-bet does not have a lot of implied odds. If his stack was deeper that pushes me further toward the call, but his shallow stack would push me more toward a fold. Most likely you miss that flop, check and he shoves and you need to fold. Even if you pair the board you can't feel great about the call. You happened to get a great flop for your hand, and an even better turn, but of course a very unfortunate river. Everything considered, probably should be a pre-flop fold to 3-bet (although I'm not sure what I'd actually do).

    Would have been interesting to see what the Villian would have done if you shoved the flop.

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