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Double Barrel Bluff at KGB's

edited January 2018 in Specific Hand Questions

3 bet pot. AJo is not a good calling hand in BB, but it was a good squeeze hand and a good spot for it. I was firing two barrels all the way. Villian has either AQ (12 combos) or 88-JJ (22 Combos). Villain would 4 bet AA,KK,AK pre flop. Villain may have raised AQ a % of the time as well on the flop.


  • pgearan

    Agree with your analysis of the Villian's hand range especially after the call on your flop bet - likely takes AQ out of the mix as that likely would have raised. Makes sense for the Villian to flat on that board with the medium pairs. Fairly innocuous turn card for you helps the second barrel as well likely being a safe bet.

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