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Discourtious play in tournaments


A player at the daily tournaments who went by the name 1skygreen1 liked to time out every hand. Another player told us that he had been banned from the site. A new name appeared, "hell4donks" tonight doing the exact same thing. It may be the same guy. He times out every hand and uses his time bank all the way when he makes a bet.


  • AllenBlay

    Yes. I went in last night when he started doing it using the new account and forced him into sit ting out mode. I sent a message in the game to the people who were at his table. If you see someone doing it again, please send me an email. I'm doing everything I can to try to prevent him from doing this, but if he really wants to ruin fun, the most I can do is block it when it starts.

    People who just want to cause problems are tough to stop because they can hide location, etc. and make it difficult to detect in advance. But know that I do care and we are trying our best to keep these tourneys friendly, fun, and open to everyone. It seems like overall a nice community is developing within the game.

  • captsrgc

    Thanks very much, Allen, your help is greatly appreciated. I've enjoyed the daily tournaments very much, and YES, the majority of players have been friendly and fun while playing. I'm enjoying your site and hope my game is improving as it should with all the valuable lessons learning!

  • synthesists

    Unfortunately our chummy little group has experienced (in the time I've been playing here) it's first untoward event. (Bad beats don't count as untoward events). I suppose it was inevitable. But it appears to have been dealt with handily. Thanks for the speedy intervention.

    During this interruption Primetime spoke up that 1sky was getting into people's heads. I think that was a wise comment. In live settings all sorts of psychological warfare transpires that isn't covered in the APT computer aided training scenarios. Most of us playing the APT daily tournaments aren't playing for blood. But, in less hospitable settings, some people out there are quite adept at looking for any way gain an edge. Mental games are part of poker. I think Primetime was telling us all to get used to it because in the real world it's gonna happen.

    I don't appreciate the lesson but I'm glad for the knowledge myself. I try to be friendly while playing but my natural, snarky side lurks under the surface. I think I'm well equipped by temperament and life experience to deal with such people but this episode reminded me what goes on.


  • AllenBlay
    edited July 2017

    I can't remember ever hearing any complaints from anyone about behavior at the tourneys until last week. Since then, I've been getting a bunch of complaints, including some about regular players. Different people clearly have different levels of sensitivity. If someone is messing up the game, we will step in, but chat is not something we can control.

    What I would recommend for chat rudeness is taking advantage of the block chat feature. If anyone is being rude, simply double click on their name and press "Toggle Chat".

  • synthesists

    I'm startled that people have suddenly begun complaining about players in the daily APT tournaments. I've played 6 out of 7 of these for most of 2017 ( Saturdays can be problematical ) and tend to stick around observing when I sustain the "inevitable" bad beat. I mean, c'mon, if it weren't for those we'd all win everyday. That said, I haven't observed much troll-like behavior over the course of 100s of tournaments.

    In fact when an individual is having some sort of problem that affects the game play they, often, apologize. 1skygreen1 was a notable exception......

    None of us likes to lose, particularly when, for example, a donk calls an allin with 10 2 off suit and hits a runner runner flush to crush our set of Queens and then proceeds to bray about their "brilliance." Personally, I consider such events poker tuition and controlling the natural impulse to react in any way is just good practice for real life tournaments.

    I have my own reasons for playing APT's daily tournaments. At first I just needed to get back to my own poker tournament groove which I'd left behind a while ago. I enjoy tournaments a lot more then cash (I'm working on that tho). If I had access to online poker in Illinois I'd have no compunctions these days about entering weekend events.

    Now I'm working on honing my skills so I can do better in the LIVE charity tournaments that I, recently, discovered are common in the Chicago area. The array of players in these covers a wide spectrum of humanity so any way I can prepare for them is a good thing.

    APT provides a lot of ways to work on, and improve, my game, the live tournaments being my favorite followed by the Final Table Trainer and the H2H simulation. I need to work on my cash games more..... a lot more. Thankfully I have the time.

    I suppose, as I play more live, I'll know whether the investment in APT has paid for itself. I hope yours has paid off for you.


  • SteveBlay

    Hi Everyone,

    I just wanted to clarify -- the correct way to block chat is to double click on your opponent's name, and then press the "Toggle Chat" button.

    You can also go back to the "Lobby" tab, click on any player's name, and then press the "Block Chat" button at the bottom of the screen. This is useful for blocking chat from an observer who is not playing at the table.

    It isn't possible for us to mediate disagreements over what was said in the chat window, so the simple solution is just block someone if they are acting rude.


  • JasonJiuJitsu

    I purposely needle folks on here, but it's all in good spirits.

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