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Crazy table tonight at the Stratosphere in Las Vegas


Tonight I played $1/$2 no limit at the Stratosphere partially because they offer high hand bonuses at each quarter of the Steelers/Ravens Sunday night football game.

First of all, the average stack for the players was around $400 with multiple players having $600 in chips. We were 9 handed. Three players were straddling every hand they could so six hands out of nine it required $4 to possibley see a pot and half of those times the straddler raised an additional $15 - $20. To top this off, three players played every hand and would often raise pre-flop. The pots averaged about $100.

As you can tell, this was not your typical $1/$2 table. I struggled trying to figure out how to play against this aggressive environment and eventually lost all of my $200 buy-in when I went all in with the second high flush against the nuts flush.

I would love for APT in the future to somehow come up with a super aggressive table like this as an option to help advise me on how to play against these maniacs. I see this more and more especially when alcohol is involved and as you know, alcohol is free in Las Vegas.

Comments anyone?


  • AllenBlay

    This is very similar to what we talked about last week with the over-aggressive opponent. I agree that it is not a typical game - it isn't really $1/$2 poker, and there are so many variations of weird players and games. My reason for saying we can't do this is that it is almost impossible to simulate a decent over-aggressive player. Most players like this are terrible, and I feel confident saying that if we tried to simulate this type of player, the opponents would be terrible. The game you describe is one you just have to be patient against. Wait for your hands and you will destroy that game. It just takes a bigger bankroll than usual because this isn't really a $1/$2 game and the variance will be huge.

    Just in case you missed the previous replies, here is the other thread:

  • wsgambler

    Thanks again.

  • wsgambler

    But would it be that hard to allow the $1/$2 game to have more than $200 in starting chips? Say $500?

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