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Range training


Hello guys !!

How do you train range accuracy ? I mean, what resources do you use to help you with guessing the vilains range ?

I am aware there is a tool here in APT to help VISUALIZE combos in different ranges. But it is not quite that.

How can I get better in reducing my opponents range as the streets go on ?


  • 1warlock

    I'd recommend getting Flopzilla and playing around with it for a bit. Best tool I've ever used for hand v range and range v range training. You can use equilab equity trainer as well for range v range on specific flops if that helps.

  • apt_gs

    I haven't used Flopzilla so I can't provide a comparison. But Poker Cruncher is an excellent app that has a number of tools similar to what 1warlock described above.

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