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Why don't I show up on the Leaderboard?

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We get a lot of questions about the Leaderboards. Many questions about the actual computations are answered in this thread. Another common question is:

Why don't I show up on the Leaderboard?

If you aren't showing up on a leaderboard, and you think you should, it's probably because of one of the following reasons:

  1. Game type -- each game type has its own leaderboard. Maybe you're looking at the 9-max leaderboard, but actually you've been playing 6-max.

  2. Non-Random Hands -- If you used the game options to always deal a specific hand (such as "Deal me only pocket pairs"), OR froze the button (such as "Deal me only in the Small Blind") this session will NOT count towards your leaderboard ranking, or the minimum play requirement (see reason 3 below). If you played a tournament where you used these game options (deal specific hand, freeze the button), the tournament will not count towards the minimum 10 required tournaments.

  3. Minimum play requirement -- Each leaderboard has a minimum play requirement before you can be ranked. For cash games, it is 1000 hands played. For tournaments, it is 10 tournaments played. Etc.

  4. Wrong skill level -- for most leaderboards, the default "view" only includes hands played at the hardest level. For example, if you aren't showing up on the MTT leaderboard "Best ROI at Hardest Level", try switching to the view "Best ROI (All Levels)" leaderboard.

  5. Leaderboard hasn't updated -- The leaderboards only update once a day, at midnight Eastern (New York) time.


  • AllenBlay
    edited May 2018

    Let me add one more because I've seen it a couple times now:

    6 -- Peeking at opponent cards - If you peek at an opponent's card even once during a session, the session will not count toward the leaderboard because the session will be labeled as a peek session. If you care about the leaderboard and are too tempted by the option to peek at opponent's cards, I would recommend removing the option in the game options by unchecking the allow peeking at opponent's cards. Note that peeking is not allowed at the top level game anyway, so this only applies to lower game levels.

  • SteveBlay

    I strongly recommend checking the "Peek at End" checkbox in the game, instead of clicking on your opponent's cards during the hand. "Peek at End" displays all your opponent's cards at the end of the hand, but does not count against you because it doesn't help you during the hand.

  • toptopt

    I don't see a "Peek at End" option - is that something that's still active?

  • SteveBlay

    That option is in the drop down menu in the top left corner now. There's also a shortcut -- you can hold down the FOLD button for more than one second and it will switch to "Fold & Peek"

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