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Changes to Reports and your Saved Hands database


I wanted to update everyone on some recent changes to your "My Reports" page and the "My Saved Hands" page.

First, as requested we have added a "Last 24 hours" time period to the reports. This shows your results (all hands played) for the last 24 hours, adjusting for your time zone.

In doing this, we also updated the other time periods such as "Last 7 days". Previously, that time period would extend back to midnight. The end result was that your report could have anywhere from 7 to 8 days, or any number of hours in between, depending on what time of day you ran the report. Now, you get exactly 7 days (seven 24 hour periods).

The "My Saved Hands" pages and "My Saved Sessions" pages has also been updated to make sure they properly adjust for time zones.



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