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Two weakness of KGB level bots


I have noticed two very consistent weaknesses in the KGB level bots:
1) They are vulnerable to set mining when they have a TPTK. All u have to do is reraise their bet to twice the amount they bet when you flop set. The bots predictably reraise ur raise. U then reraise to twice their reraise amount and repeat the process until you are ALLIN. But the key is never go all in to their first raise.
2) Bots give out very predictable bet sizing tells. If a bot bets around 20-30% of pot then it holds a marginal pair. U can exploit this by calling and then betting or raising on next street.

May be you should look into improving the bots. My goal is to learn tough game and want the bots to become better against me so that I can improve my game more.


  • apt_gs

    I have noticed the same thing. That's fine in the easier games because there are a fair number of players who play like that (i.e. can't get away from an overpair, or TPTK). However, the KGB level I would expect them to adjust to that.

  • alhindia
    edited November 2017

    Another weakness I noticed: If a bot calls ur continuation bet or turn bet it holds marginal pair. You can bet pot on next street or shove on river and the bot will fold. I am humbly requesting the admins to fix these leaks at KGB level to make it tough and not easy for me.

  • AllenBlay

    We are always looking to improve the bots, so we will take a look at these.

    A couple comments on the bots and patterns you notice:
    1) Yes, the bots will have some weaknesses (like humans) because they are designed to play like humans. Once you find weaknesses, sometimes it takes humans a bit of time to adjust from them. These bots will learn if you try to do things to them too often, and they will adjust some. So if you try to exploit these weaknesses repeatedly, they will adjust some.

    2) Designing AI bots to play multi-player NL Hold'em is extremely difficult. This is one of the reasons why most really good bots are heads-up bots - multi-player is an extremely difficult game. There are some leaks we know about but don't do anything about because fixing them opens up even bigger weaknesses. It's a lot harder to fix a leak in a multi-player computer bot than just recognizing the weakness and plugging it. For example, changing the way they respond to a bet of yours can alter other situations and lead to even bigger leaks.
    3) I think you might be seeing some things on the bet sizing that don't actually exist. Based on the way they are programmed, the bet size should not tell you what they have. It might seem like whenever they bet a certain way they always have XX, but in reality, that shouldn't be true based on the bet-sizing algorithm. However, we will look at this to make sure nothing odd is going on.

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