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I averaged 17BB after 10K hannds at the KGB dungeon. Is this a solid win rate?


I have played 10K handsat KGB dungeon and my average is 17BB/100 hands. I am curious to know the BB rate of of other 10K+ players at the KGB dungeon for comparison. There are some basic stats that show comparison over last 180 days or 30 days but they don't show over how many total hands.


  • AllenBlay

    That's a very good rate for 10K hands. We do show the BB/100 for people who have played 1000+ hands on our leaderboards at When you look at those, you can see that 17 is a very good number over any number of hands. Given that there is no rake in our game (and I think people learn to play the bots some), the rates for 10K hands are similar to the rates for 1K hands.

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