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inputting a custom list of hands (in "Hands to Deal")


I'm trying to input a custom list of hands (eg 22+, A2s+) but APT doesnt seem to like the format (this is the output format from Equilab) - though I may be doing something wrong.

also it doesnt like similar output from Flopzilla AA-22,AKs-A2s

ideally it APT doesnt need input in format 22, 33, 44,...,A2s, A3s, ... (which I guess I would have to do manually)
any thoughts?



  • AllenBlay

    You are able to select "pocket pairs" as an option or "A-x suited" from the dropdown list in the Hands to Deal options, so that will partially accomplish this. Most common options are available in the dropdown list and don't require typing in a list, but you can always type in a custom list - although we don't have wildcard options (though that is something I'll make a note of as a possible addition). There isn't any option to combine different sets, but I think you can just as easily practice them separately.


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