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replaying a hand with the same conditions

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is there any way to replay a hand with the same initial conditions, to see how taking a different action would work out.

for example say im dealt 88 from the SB, would like to play the hand once by simple calling the open raise, then play the hand again but this time 3betting (with all the other players having the same hands as the previous run)


  • nytider

    I'm just curious as to whether the bots would always take the same action if they had the same cards over and over. My impression is that they would not.

    I am also unsure as to the value of this feature anyway. It seems a bit like "rabbit hunting" after you fold a hand. My thought is that it would be a better exercise just to play 88 in the SB over and over against a random mix of hands and opponents.

  • AllenBlay

    Good news - this is a feature that is going to be available very, very shortly. We have been developing it for a while and it is in final testing. It will be called "Retry" and will always be available.

    The reason we didn't develop it until now is because similar to nytider, I'm not sure there is a lot of benefit to doing this as opposed to just playing the same hole cards with a different hand. Because of the nature of the bots, what you will learn from this is how some players might possibly react - but the problem is that this can lead to results-oriented thinking in some cases. However, we know that some members have been requesting it, so we have developed the feature. I think it can be useful in some situations just to try a variety of hands in a variety of ways and see what seems to work best - just be careful not to assume that because one play worked better on one hand, that means it is the superior play.


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