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Does my SHOVE was right move? Does villains CALL was right here?


final table
hot 22
9. places prize 280
1. prize 5600
second hand at final table
i im in fifth position,villain in 3.
villain UTG 13 BB raise 2 BB
Me UTG1+ 9 BB rereise all in with AKo
everybody folds ,villain call with 1010.
Does my rereise shove is corect move?
Does villains call with 1010 is corect move (becouse he must supose that rereise from utg+1 with 9 BB means that i only do that with AK,AKs,AA,KK,QQ,JJ,1010)


  • pgearan

    Your shove with AKo and only 9BB left is absolutely correct, no question. You would have to reraise with AK to at least 6BB and that's so much of your stack you have to commit it all and put maximum pressure on your opponent. If if the Villian calls, you are likely marginally ahead to the Villian's complete calling range - even let's say all pairs 77 or better and the high end of Broadway suited combos and AKo and AQo unsuited you're still 52%-53%. Plus hos min raise and 13BB still leaves you with some fold equity on top of that. So shoving is absolutely the right move . What are the odds you'll have better than that in next 20 hands? You are also going to have to pay the blinds in the next 3 hands as well, so your stack could be 6BB shortly reducing your leverage greatly.

    As far as the 1010 call, I think you are putting too restrictive range of what he should assume holdings again given that you have only 9BB and are UTG+1. Facing a min raise UTG, I think even tight players are pushing with the range you identify as well as 77 to 99, AQs and AQo, and likely KQs and AJs. That puts 1010 at a virtual coin flip. If you are a more loose aggressive player and add to the shove range the rest of the pairs and a few more suited and unsuited Broadway holdings, then a could of bluffs with suited connectors or weak Ax off hands, then 1010 is climbing to being a 60-40 favorite.

    Basically I think you both made the right shove and call and it is just one of those races everyone hates. One could take issue with his min raise to start, with under 15BBs UTG I think that is likely a shove as well, but you would have (or should have) called with AKo and it all would have played out the same.

  • slay81s

    Tnx for answer.
    I think also that with my stack 9bb i had teo options going all in or fold.
    I lose that hand and earn only 280$.
    If i won that gand i will double my stack but will be i hace morw chance to winn this tournament?!!
    I kniw that if i fold i must pay bb andsb next two round but on table we had two players with 4 bb stacks (my stack is averageand only two players have stack bigger than mine 2*) so with my fold i had chances to finis in four first place

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