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Pause button or option to pause each street

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  • CrazyHorseC

    I sent an e mail to APT earlier today asking for a pause button for the same reasons that you stated above

  • AllenBlay

    Hi Guys, thanks for the suggestion. This is something we've tossed around several times and we do have it down on a list of possible changes to the game. We've got a bunch of them and we try to work on things when we have a chance.

  • SteveBlay

    So, after you fold, what if the game paused after each street ends, and you had to click a DEAL or OK button to continue? (This button would appear where the CALL button usually is).

    Would some users find this annoying that they had to press OK every street?

    (Of course, this is only when you have "Zip to End" OFF, otherwise it would have immediately gone on to the next hand).


  • monkeysystem

    I think an option to pause after each street even after you fold would be useful. But please make it an option that you can select or deselect. A check box added to the existing check boxes next to 'zip to end' would be good. You could call it 'pause after all streets'.

    There is value in keeping the flow of the game in the simulation as similar as possible to the flow of an actual game. I wouldn't want to lose that. But the original posters have a good point too.

  • SteveBlay

    @monkeysystem said:
    I think an option to pause after each street even after you fold would be useful. But please make it an option that you can select or deselect. A check box added to the existing check boxes next to 'zip to end' would be good. You could call it 'pause after all streets'.

    The interface is already kind of cluttered, I would really prefer not to add a configuration option. I think newbies get confused already with all the options. I'm hoping that there can be a general consensus on which way it would be serve the majority of users.

  • AllenBlay

    For anyone who uses this feature now and unchecks zip to end - 1) why do you do it, and 2) would you like it to stop after each street?

    For anyone who doesn't currently use this feature, would you use it if the action stopped between streets?

    I think that is the big question - would this benefit users who already are watching the hands play out, and would it encourage others to watch the hands play out if they could study the action each street.

  • monkeysystem

    I uncheck zip to end because part of the purpose of practicing on these simulators is practicing studying my opponents in hands I'm not playing. Also I don't want to possibly develop any bad mental habits. For my purposes any setting in the simulator that deviates from the flow of a real game risks developing bad habits.

    In spite of that I think having it stop after each street would be be useful. If a particularly complex situation comes up it would be good to be able to pause and consult one of my books or just ponder it. In a routine situation we'd be just a quick click away from continuing the hand.

  • apt_gs
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    My reasons are almost identical to Monkeyystem and Notam (" I like to watch all the action as a way to develop hand reading skills. I have to set the pace of play to very slow to absorb some of the Action, but not all of the action. I rather see faster play with the option to stop after each street to process the action.")

    PS - I also asked this question a few months ago, but it appears that is now gaining some traction.

  • kkmainz
    edited December 2018

    Old thread revival! I was about to start a new post, but search found this post.

    I've been a member for 3years. I've often considered that I would like a pause button to allow me to consider the actions of the active players when I've folded. It would be really great for hand reading! Board texture analysis, line development, I can set up range analysis on pkr ranger/flopzilla in game.

    My stats are like 20/16 so I can only explore at length 1 out of 5 hands in real time because I'm in the hand and can act as the effective pause.

    Also, I'd like to suggest a delay on the last to act player as a suggestion too. What I mean is that action blasts into the next street when you aren't the player in position. Every other AI player takes a quanta of time to act (based on game speed) except the last - it no sooner gets to them that they make their action, next street card appears and action continues in a blink. I'd be happy to slow that phase down.

    I've never used Zip to the end. I even sometimes try to mentally log the session VPIP/PFR of the players at the table - to simulate live play, and so zip to the end would work against that.

    Hope these ideas land on fertile soil.

    By the way, thanks for sorting out the "All in" recycle error! I haven't seen it in a long time.



  • AllenBlay

    Thanks for the suggestions guys.

    So is there anyone who unchecks zip to end and watches the hand play out who would NOT like it to stop after each street? All I've heard are supporting posts - I want to give the silent "status quo" folks a chance to say something before making this change. It makes sense to me and I can't think of any really great reasons not to have it be this way. Unchecking zip to end seems to indicate you want to study the hand a bit more.

  • seapigzulu

    Any new developments on this feature? I would like to see it added for the same reasons as the above posters. Thanks

  • JackofClubsJ

    I just read the above suggestion and comments. I would like to see the option to pause at each street. I am trying to improve my hand reading skills by building different options in flopzilla and this would help me think about possible hands and check flopzilla as the hand plays out. This site provides so many great ways to improve my game and this new option would be one more.
    Thank you for all of the work that has gone into such a great learning tool.

  • AllenBlay

    Hey guys, we've kept this on our todo list for when we do an interface change, but we aren't currently doing it. It probably sounds like it would be easy, but it actually isn't and we did a quick analysis and found that way fewer than 1% of our hands are played with zip to end unchecked, and based on this thread about half of the users who want it only want it if it is an option (not all the time when zip to end is unchecked). So just adding it will annoy about half the people who keep zip to end unchecked, and adding an option requires interface changes, which are very difficult. Bottom line is that at this point, we are focusing on training features that will appeal to a larger percentage of users. There is of course an option to replay a hand, so you can always replay it if you happen to miss something.

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