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?? AI behavior and did I play this right or wrong?


is a hand from FT trainer that did not make sense to me.

Yes perhaps my SB A8 call of the button steal is a bit loose?? should either raise or fold probably
BUT?? BB is tight passive expert and re-raises with 9 10 suited? going for squeeze on me since i just called? but shove all in on squeeze play? Is that in character?

button calls all in re-raise with KQ off? seems loose even for tight agressive expert in position??

I fold which I think is now correct give others play. I guess my mistake was not raising from SB or just folding?



  • pyromanp

    Oops I did raise which makes the BB shove even more suspicious given the cards he is playing? and the button call after he is raised and re-raised??


  • pgearan

    As far as the other players, the BB only has 7 big blinds beyond his big blind, so a push here is not too out of the ordinary with suited connectors as they don't fair that badly against many holdings especially when the button may have been on a complete move. Your play, a min reraise of only $2400 over the button's raise, puts the BB in an odd position because he is not getting the odds to just flat call at this stage with a speculative hand and such a shallow stack, so it is shove or fold. He likely has some fold equity, although likely not much against two players, but many tournament players, even one who is tight-passive but an expert, with under 10BB are going to make this move because they are unlikely to be dominated thus have a lot of ways to win the hand.

    Button call, as opposed to shove or fold, may be a bit odd for a Final Table play but at the same time he is having to call 12,000 into a pot of about 24,000 and may think he indeed has 35% equity here and if you called he'd only need about 26%-27% equity, and if you shove he still only needs like 26%-27% equity again to put in the remaining $12,550. In many ways everyone is in quite the dilemma with marginal holdings and shallow stacks.

    But to focus on your decisions, when you min raise from the SB, what was your thinking there? (or did you have a different intention there and just selected the wrong option) A-8o is often too weak out of position to see a flop there, and the min raise almost assures that the button is calling with any two cards. But A8o when the button may be raising light (actually KQo is near the top of his range in this situation I think) is a very good hand to shove with when you are down under 15 BBs. I think if you shove perhaps the BB folds (although maybe not, but you are ahead so you don't mind the call) and you may get the button to fold also has he still has enough behind to back out of the hand. I do think you pre-flop move is a shove or fold with a strong lean toward.

    You are again in a tough position when things come back to you after the all-in and call as a call with a marginal hand like A-8 is a tough one but you are getting 4 to 1 on call of less than $10,000 and you likely have more than 20% equity against their full range of hands, but likely in the 25%-35% range so still an underdog to win against 2 players. And you still have 12BB when you fold and about to have the button, so I likely fold as well even if I am getting a good price to call which is a lot less important to me either nearing the bubble or at a final table when I think I am likely an underdog to 2 other players combined.

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