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2017 WSOP Main Event Final Table -- Hand #101


In another key hand of the final table, Scott Blumstein calls a pre-flop raise with 10-9s. He flops trips, but to his surprise, Ben Pollak cold calls John Hesp's bet and Scott's raise on the flop. Does Ben have a better trips? The turn card was make matters even more interesting...

NOTE: In all these Scott Blumstein Hand Reviews, the best learning experience is achieved by pausing the video at each decision point, and thinking through the situation BEFORE listening to Scott's comments.

If you want to practice a similar situation yourself, you can set it up in the Advanced Poker Training final table trainer:

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  • roguehoodr
    edited November 2017

    Thanks, really love the format. As someone with ambitions to become a live player, these videos are invaluable, not sure what your plans are for 2018 but for me I would really like a lot more of these types of videos, there's not a wide range of material available of the very top pros analysing live hands like this. I would pay a very high price to have access to this type of content regularly, I'm a member of TPE but a lot of their focus is on online tournaments. I think you guys could really take your site to the next level with this kind of content becoming more regular, I'd actually say I'm more inclined to stay subscribed for this kind of content than the training simulator.

  • baxwest

    I loved this, too. Blumstein is not only a great poker player, but is great in describing everything that went into this hand.

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