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Cell phone ap

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I use my android cell phone much more than I use my laptop and would find it convenient to be able to use my training more times. Is there any plans to develop an app for this purpose?


  • apt_gs

    I have played on my tablet without a problem but I haven't tried it on the phone. Have you?

  • AllenBlay

    Hi, the game works on cell phones without needing an app. We won't develop a separate app primarily because using your account requires a bunch of interactions with the database, but also because it is almost impossible to fit all the features of the game onto a cell phone. If you want to play on a mobile device, I would definitely recommend using a tablet.

  • rain420

    Not to burst your bubble but this is not good on cell phones. It doesn't scale well and is practically unusable. Please develop an app and get the right people to implement it. It will be successful if it's done right.

  • AllenBlay

    Nope - no bubble bursted, I know it doesn't work well on a phone, although some people do use it on a phone. Even though the site will work on a phone, we really only support its use on tablets or larger. With all the options and the database interactions, the site just really is not well suited for a phone app. It's a lot more complex than just a poker game, and the details were too costly to work out.

    At one point a few years ago, I really wanted to develop this into an app badly. It was my #1 goal for the site. We looked into it in a ton of detail, even to the point of meeting with the developers and people who run the main poker apps and poker training apps. We got bids, doing market research, etc. The cost and time of converting it to an app would have taken over a year and put us out of business. The market for poker training (at least the number of app users willing to pay for poker training) is too small to be able to afford to do it. So as much as I'd love to be able to do it, the financial reality of the poker app market is that it isn't feasible.

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