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How do I export live tournament hands?


I would like to import my live tournament hands into PT4. I see how to save the hands while playing, but PT4 can't import them in the saved format. But, I can import hands played against bots.


  • AllenBlay

    What specific error message are you getting?

  • spacerock808s

    One issue is that I would like to be able to go to the results of a live tournament and save the hands I played, but I dont see a way to do that. But there is a way to do that for tournaments and cash games against bots. I was wondering if I am just not seeing the way to do it or if it cant be done.

    The other issue is If I happen to save hands during the tournament, I have to do alot of formatting. I am currently having a problem with pot size. I get "Error: PokerStars: Invalid pot size for hand #366256001 (Line #51)." I have posted a question about that with PT.

    The bottom line is that it is easy for hands against bots and unnecessarily difficult for hands against people. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

  • SteveBlay

    At the moment this feature is not available for live tournament results.

    Spacerock -- so are you using the Menu...Hand History feature in the live tournament, then pressing the "Save" button, and importing those to PT? Just wanted to make sure I understood your current process. It's very possible that those hand histories are not 100% compatible with PokerStars format, but I'd be interested in what the folks at PT say, if you don't mind letting me know.

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