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2017 WSOP Main Event Final Table -- Hand #47


This is the most viewed hand of the entire Final Table, and possibly of the entire 2017 WSOP. Our hero Scott Blumstein is dealt Pocket Aces under the gun. A beautiful sight when playing for $8 million dollars - but can he get the full double up?

NOTE: In all these Scott Blumstein Hand Reviews, the best learning experience is achieved by pausing the video at each decision point, and thinking through the situation BEFORE listening to Scott's comments.

If you want to practice a similar situation yourself, you can set it up in the Advanced Poker Training final table trainer:

Click here to be dealt pocket Aces under-the-gun, as a big stack at the final table

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  • SlowhandS
    edited November 2017

    Good interview & a fun insight on this hand.. I remember watching this hand on ESPN and felt bad for Hesp b/c on that particular flop, the A-10h appears to be the favored hand. (beaten only by trips) Tough spot for anyone, but I think Hesp reacted too fast on turn when he went all-in against Blumstein's 3-bet. A call by Hesp would have been the better line. But after the 3-card hit the river, the outcome would have been the same.. lol

  • highfive

    The mistake was calling pre. Big Stack opens utg at final table Wsop. What is A10 ahead of? Almost nothing! Fold!

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