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2017 WSOP Main Event Final Table -- Hand #17


In this hand, our hero Scott Blumstein is dealt Ah-Qh, and it's folded to him in the small blind. He elects to trap with it, but how will he proceed when he misses the flop?

NOTE: In all these Scott Blumstein Hand Reviews, the best learning experience is achieved by pausing the video at each decision point, and thinking through the situation BEFORE listening to Scott's comments.

If you want to practice a similar situation yourself, you can set it up in the Advanced Poker Training final table trainer:

Click here to be dealt Ace-Queen suited from the small blind as a big stack at the final table

NOTE: The link above will not work right unless you are a paid member of Advanced Poker Training.


  • roguehoodr

    Thanks for this, as a subscriber I'd like to see a lot more of these types of videos, really helpful.

  • SteveBlay

    Great, glad you liked it! Scott will be reviewing at least 10 hands from the WSOP, so expect more videos soon.

  • krrip

    Really great videos. I look forwaard to seeing more.

  • jimmyfelixxj

    I would love to see more videos like this. :)

  • baxwest

    Like the video, but the wsop replay includes too many ads.

  • monkeysystem

    The videos on APT are like gold for us visual learners!

  • nytider

    Great content. Finally got to watch this. I wanted to be able to watch Scott's review and also the original footage together. Very useful. Thanks. Looking forward to watching the others and the ones that are not yet posted.

  • marcelvandorstm
    edited May 2018

    Really great being able to watch these hands together with the thoughts from the player himself!

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