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Why does APT app recommend limping in with certain hands to open pots?

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I'm new here, and tried to search for this without much luck. It's my understanding that a player should never limp in when opening a pot, even from early position. Why does the APT app. recommend limping to open pots with certain pocket pairs or suited connectors, even from middle position?

I just tried it again - 7,7 Mid position; Kyle Anderson as Pro, and the recommendation is to "call" to open the pot.


  • mikiethebullm
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    Here is the hand. The pro recommended that I call with 8,8 in mid position. I did standard 3 BB raise.
    I'm confused. :

  • AllenBlay

    Hi, welcome to the forums. There are several other threads that talk about the advisors, how they work, and why they give the advice they give in a little more detail.

    The short answer to your question is that these are computers, and the advice they give is what they would do in that situation that time. It's based on many different factors and a random number generator. They randomize their bet sizing and action, so sometimes they will limp in. I always look at the advisors as a suggestion of how SOMEONE might play the hand. I don't love the advice sometimes also. If there is a specific strategy you like to play, and you feel really confident in how you play it, there really isn't any reason to even look at the advice in that situation. I think this is one of those situations. Limping there is a good way to minimize losses and still be able to stack someone possibly if you hit your set. Some players like to play hands like that sometimes. Personally, I'd rather raise if I'm first in from MP and I don't really see much reason not to do that.

    That was longer than I intended, but the bottom line is that I only look at the advice when I want a second opinion and want to see how someone else might play. For training, I use the training plans and reports to help me diagnose where I can improve, not as much the advice of the advisors because there is variation in it.

  • mikiethebullm

    I see. Thank you for the detailed explanation, particularly the advice about using the training plans and reports. I'm rather new at hold 'em, so I was taking the advice as gospel.

  • averagematta

    I have been here a week and have already questioned some of the suggestions during the 9 max cash game regular levels. So I agree with Allen as they are suggestions , but I wouldn't necessarily take them as gospel.

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