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AQ SB preflop

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AQo in SB (6-Max) -- CO opens 8x, BTN calls.

No info on players as far as style. This is pretty much in a vacuum.

I folded. I didn't want to mess with it OOP. I guess I could have squeezed, but I thought AQo was weak for that. I hate to waste a nice hand, but it certainly is the low-volatility choice.


  • think

    I also had a not too dissimilar situation:

    KJs in CO -- I think there was an early limper, or possibly folded to me. Either way, I go 3x BB and get 3-bet plus a call (of the 3-bet), both from blinds/EP. 3- bet was just under 3x my bet. Action on me.

    Stacks in both hands are 100 BB or a little lower.

  • nytider

    Absent any additional information or reads on the players involved, I think I'd agree with folding both of those hands when the chips start flying like that. I'd also assume there would be a lot of action post-flop that I couldn't deal with unless I just totally smashed the flop. What do you do with AQ if the board is jack-high and the two of them start going at it? What if I flop queen-high? I have no idea where I am against the other players showing strength pre-flop. The same with the KJ. If an ace comes, I figure I am toast. If a king comes, I may still be toast. Hard to dump hands like that though.

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