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A Hand in the Dungeon


For more money than is usual

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  • JaxCraxJ

    I thought I could type some comments with the hand. Anyway, here they are.

    The Doug Hull not bets out. He is saying he has over cards.

    Playing against AA and KK is not profitable. But I think playing against overcards is probably profitable and very simple. If an Ace or a King hits, I am out of there.

    I hit top pair.
    The Doug Hull got bets out. I can't remember the size right now, but I thought the size said the bet was not a continuation bet but a semi bluff. Since two flush cards are on the board, the draw would be to a flush.

    Odds have increased that the Doug Hull bot is holding two flush overcards. Ah-Kh through Jh
    Kh-Qh, Jh is less likely. I would think he oils be sure to have an ace.

    With 2 bets, the Doug Hull bot has defined his hole cards. It is very possible that I coils be very wrong, but with the Villain's betting, along with the board--put it this way--when anybody has Ah-Kh, Jh, they will bet like the Villain here. If they have other hands, they will bet like the villain bets here sometimes, but not very often.

    The question I ask is: what cards bet like this?

    At this point, I know that if a heart hits, I am out of there.

    i don't have the hand in front of me. I think his odds of making the flush on the next card are 19%. I hope I bet enough to make it slightly unprofitable for him to call.

    My river bet is probably very stupid. He is not going to call with worse hands. He is only going to call with hands that beat me, which is a lot of hands. I don't want to see JJ at showdown though, so maybe I do have to bet something.

    Sometimes on the end you do have to bet so they won't know you have absolutely nothing.

    On this hand, I did have something.

    Did I have enough of a hand to call his flop bet?

    I think I did, because I think I could have called his flop bet with anything. If I am right about what he is going for, my cards do not matter. If he makes a flush, there will be no showdown. If he doesn't make a flush, there won't be a showdown.

    It is probably pretty safe to go to showdown here with top pair, but lots of times it would not be safe at all, because you can't beat third pair.

  • nytider

    His bet on the flop was 13K into a pot of 23K. So given that he was the pre-flop aggressor, that seems to me to be a fairly standard bet size. He could have overcards. He could have a pocket pair. He could have a draw. He could have air. He could be playing a fairly wide range pre-flop to try a squeeze like that. I think you might have learned more had you not bet into him on the turn.

    Since he folded, the only other clue we might have is what he thought you had. Because he obviously did not think he could beat what you were repping. I think the only draw that got there would have been with A5 or 65. He'd have to put you on one of those to fold a set or better, I think. It looks to me like he may have had two-pair or worse and gave you credit for a set, had a draw that busted, or figured you had his pair beat.

  • JaxCraxJ

    It is certainly true that I had the benefit of seeing exactly what the Villain held before I typed that out. So I am not very very surprised that my hand reading skills were perfect.

    He was playing it kind of fast though. I thought his play was more consistent with a draw. I am wrong a lot of the times before I have seen the hole cards, but once I have seen the hole cards, I am an excellent hand reader.

    I really can't say anything about your comments regarding his flop bet mother than that I agree with everything you said.

    A lot of times, as you said, he will not have a flush draw.

  • nytider

    LOL! Yes, I am fair to middling as a hand reader myself, when I peek.

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