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Live 1-2 drawing hand

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Checked along from blind with suited 97h -- 3 or 4 limpers. Table is somewhat passive with a lot of limpers and multiway flops (that is, when I fold preflop -- I'm in there raising if I'm opening non-BB/SB hands).

Flop is 10 5 8 with two hearts, so I have outs to two high straights plus a decent FD.

I'm OOP and not really sure what I'm up against, so I check, hoping for a free card on the turn.

Button bets -- maybe 60% pot, maybe a little less. Either way, I called, partly because the person to my left is a total calling station who had shown some weak hands (one of those guys who will play low connectors to try to hit the High Hand), so I figured I was getting odds. I'd rather hit the straight draw than the FD at this point.

Turn is a brick. I check, button bets $20 into a $40+ pot. I call and the station calls (as expected).

River is a brick, and I check/fold. Opponent to my left calls (or not?) -- either way, button shows a lower set (flopped), which is what I'd figured him for. Higher pair was ruled out as unlikely due to preflop play, and I didn't see this as being a multi-street bluff.

If I was playing this with the bots, I think I would have taken the lead and semi-bluffed the flop. But there were enough checked-around flops that I figured on seeing the turn then adjusting accordingly. Aside from the FD/OESD, if I paired a hole card on the turn, then the river would have had 5 more outs (I don't know how confident I would have been with 2 pair, though).

In this specific instance, I probably lost the minimum I was destined to lose (considering the odds I was getting), but did I make the right moves?


  • nytider

    That sounds like a very reasonable way to play that hand. With a calling station in the hand and the button betting on every street, you aren't going to win it without hitting one of your draws. So I think I just call to the river and fold if I don't get there, as long as you are getting a decent price to call.

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