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Hand Review #4

edited February 2020 in Steamin' Steve's Hand Review

In this episode, our hero commits 50 big blinds pre-flop with Ace-Ten suited. Yikes! Does he possibly have the "implied odds" to make it worthwhile?


  • nytider
    edited October 2017

    Very though-provoking in terms of why ATs plays well, and how that doesn't really apply as much in this case. I responded in the other thread before I watched the video, and I reached the same conclusions. However, your approach to breaking this down was much more succinct and practical. I spent a little time with the range tool trying to calculate the odds by figuring out what range I'd give each of the opponents in this case. But I think it is much easier to get my head around why the things I'd expect to be good about my hand won't be good in this case.

    That can be done easily at the table, whereas fiddling around with a range calculator can't.

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