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MTT - how often do you get into the money?


Hi. I have recently started working on MTT here on APT, and I ask: How often do you win and/or get into the money in these MTT here against the APT computers? I'm not doing very well, and would it be expected to get in the money 10% of the time?
This is a general question for you that have c a lot of MTT here on APT.


  • pgearan

    I mostly play MTT here because that's mostly what I play live. My experience has been that I run similar to live: have streaks of doing very well, then variability runs against me and I'm dry for awhile. Just like live poker it takes some time to know where I stand. And if you make my mistake of playing too many WSOP Main Events on APT for a couple months. you'll never get a positive lifetime ROI again dropping back to playing daily tournaments again!

    I probably get more out of my reports to see what types of hands, position, situations I have to work on rather than raw results. I also try to look at what hands get me in trouble both on APT and in my live games (facing out of position bets on multiple streets when I hold pretty strong hands - but clearly in retrospect second best - is an occasional problem for me).

    Obviously, just like live, long-term some results are about skill level so if there are things that are being identified as areas to work on, those are good to attend to. I believe I have improved my hand selection in early and middle position and my level of pre-flop aggression since doing APT training.

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