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Hi there,

I have general question.

Since I began taking poker seriously I was told / read, that limping is bad.

Now when I take the advisor, he sugests to open limp AJs and so on from EP.

Is it me, and (open) limping isn't that bad or what is going on?



  • nytider

    I have also noticed the advisors recommending early position open-limps with certain hands. My assumption has been that it is because the advice really seems to be geared toward what to do on the current street to maximize value, as opposed to developing a plan for how the hand should be played in total. So the advisor may just be looking at AJo as too good to fold, but not good enough to raise from early position. And their advice may not be considering the bad things that can happen in the hand later on if you, for example, let somebody limp behind and setmine with their small pair, or let the big blind check a junk hand. And I think I have gotten bit before by taking the advice to open-limp and then getting raised by the button. Then the advisor says I should fold.

  • halfairchild

    The bot advisors often recommend open limp (with suited aces & small pairs) and I almost always disagree and open raise. In live play, I sometimes open-limp and call a raise, opting not to open-raise and have to fold to a re-raise when I have a marginal hand. Not sure how good or bad of an idea that is.

  • zola17z

    is this in 6-max/9max or in SNG? I think opening limping in FR 9max from early with AJs and KQs is bad because of reverse implied odds when you hit your hand and it ends up being second best and you lose a lot of money, but only make a little when you opponent doesn't hit. In the early stages of a SNG, open limping with AJs can be profitable because of big stack sizes and thus the opportunity to make a lot of money when you hit good hands. as the blinds go up, opening limping is a not a good idea because your playing OOP and look a lot weaker when you C-bet

  • dogsandjacks

    I think open limping AJ is horrible, mainly for the reason zola gave. From early position either folding or raising are fine, depending on what you think of your table. The idea of limping small pocket pairs with the intention of calling a raise has merit, the problem being any observant player will soon know exactly what you are doing, thereby decreasing your profit when you hit your set.
    (if you have 22 and the flop comes 26T, if you limped and now come out swinging, you're going to fold out most hands, where if you had raised before the flop it might look like a standard C-bet with high cards.)
    In the games I play in on the east coast, you still see a lot of open limping, by contrast in the WSOP main event I played 27 hours (so about 800 hands?) and saw open limps twice! The second time even the dealer was confused. "Wait, that's your bet?"

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