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How do I get support on what I think is an error on a split hand I played.


In one of my hands I lost the main pot and won a side pot. There were only two players? How?


  • nytider

    I have noticed that the software here handles it that way. If one player, for example bets 1000, and the other player has only 700, but calls all-in, the system creates a side pot for the remaining 300 from the first player's bet. The money sits there until the hand is resolved, and then gets returned to the player who wagered it, since he is the only one with a stake in that side pot. In a casino, the dealer would just return the 300 to the first player, and there would only be one dead pot.

  • AllenBlay

    That is correct nytider. I responded to an email from ger4poker2 a couple days ago and explained how to share a hand so we could know for sure if that is what is going on, but I haven't seen the hand yet.

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