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Madness Cup Questions

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Can you please remind us how to access past hand history for all Madness Cup entrants?

I have only played one Madness Cup, and seem to remember there being a list of entrants with hyperlinks for each. But now I can’t remember how I accessed that.

Also, would the public hand histories include all of the Madness Cups to date, or perhaps would history only go back for the past x number of Madness Cups?



  • SteveBlay

    If you played in a Madness Cup, then every hand played in that tournament (between any two players) should be available to you. Start with this page:

    Look for the links to previous Madness Cups at the bottom of that page. Once you click on that, scroll down to the "Standings" grid and click on the avatar for any player you like. This will take you to a page that shows all their matches from that Madness Cup.

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